From: Kelly O'Connell 
To: Jim Kerr and Wayne Spranger
Subject: Patio

Hey Jim & Wayne

We are back from Alaska! I wanted to thank you and Wayne for the amazing patio you gave us! It is better than anything we could have imagined! Your crew was diligent, hardworking and so friendly. Thank you for making our backyard amazing. 

I wanted to post pictures on Facebook, do you mind if I use your name, or should I just put pictures up without your company name? 

Thanks and I hope your baby is well!

Kelly and Sean


From: Steven Cohen
To: Jim Kerr and Wayne Spranger

The Ability to not only harmonize the key elements of design with the beauty of nature’s surroundings…these two gentlemen incorporate creativity, professionalism and exceptional customer service to every client relationship.

 Steve Cohen

Green Mark Group CEO

Subject: Raintree Community

To:  Legacy Landscapes Team,

We just want to let you know what a pleasure and ease it was working with your firm during the installation of the retaining walls within our community. From our first meeting, when our ideas were mere concepts, to the finalization of the project we experienced true professionalism and a genuine concern for our needs.

Your open line of communication regarding product choice, the obtaining of permits and utility mark outs,  as well as your follow up to see our ideas to fruition were excellent. All phases of the project, from excavation through final stabilization, met and/or exceeded, all expectations.

The crews, while on site were, professional, well skilled, friendly and took great pride in their work. The home owners, immediately adjacent to where the work occurred, were very pleased with the expedience of the work, their lack of inconvenience and the final product.

Speaking for the entire Board and Community, we thank you and will look forward to working with Legacy Landscapes again in the near future for our hard-scape and green-scape needs.
Raintree Community B.O.D. member,
Landscape Committee Chairman

Subject: Retaining Wall


I feel I've died and gone to heaven!  They started working behind my home last Wednesday and finished Thursday afternoon.  They were hard workers, I got to talk to them Wednesday when I got home from work.  They did a great job, but the jury was out until I got to see the final product and how it worked in the rain.  It passed with flying colors!  Not a puddle to be seen after all that rain.  I'm so happy. 

I think that some more dirt might be needed on the other side of the wall.  The rain helped to press it down, and I think that it will need to be seeded again in the Spring, especially since I think whatever was put down washed away in the rain.  I don't know if there is anything that can keep it in place at this time of the year, it will probably be freezing soon, thus the need to wait for Spring.  They left me a little bit of seed for my lawn, in case that doesn't take either. 

What a great Christmas gift!  The wall really does look great and improves the look of the properties.  Now if we could only get 574 to put that piece of siding back on her house.  It's been off for about a year now, as it was the December storm last year when it came down. 
Gentlemen, Happy Holidays and a very Happy New Year!



From: Alex Esarco 


Our 4 year old home caught fire in May of 2011. It was scary as fires go-the mulch caught fire in the bed in the front of our house, igniting the vinyl siding and causing a lot of smoke , fire, and water damage inside and destroying all of our plantings and in ground lighting system used to illuminate the exterior of our home. Multiple contractors took care of the inside repairs and siding outside. It took one phone call to Jim Kerr to get the landscaping and lightscaping damage professionally redesigned to suit our needs in our new development in Raritan Township. Jim responded to my "laundry list" of  wants and needs a couple hours after my initial call. He not only told me he could help us with fully grown shrubbery to replace those 4 year old bushes that burned up in the fire, he informed me that he and his partner, Wayne Spranger, could install the in- ground lighting for us , also. One stop shopping. Jim submitted drawings and a bid two days later that knocked our socks off!! The Design rendered was stunning and the quality of light fixtures that were offered to us was second to none. Mind you, this was all done during the short week before Thanksgiving with a start date the Monday after Black Friday!

Quick, efficient, reasonably priced, and professional-what a comforting feeling knowing Jim and Wayne were on the job!! They put together a top-notch landscaping team to do the landscaping. Then, as promised, Jim and Wayne came to professionally install the lightscaping on our home. When was the last time you had owners of a company actually doing the hard labor and taking as much ownership and pride in the job they were doing for their customer??. Here's the best part-after they completed the job and I threw the switch to see the lighting on the house, I was somewhat disappointed that our home wasn't lit the same way that it was prior to the fire. It needed a few more lights in certain key areas. I called Jim the next morning and he drove to our house and ordered more lights (at no additional cost to us , I might add) that day to make us happy!! When was the last time you had a Company sincerely concerned about their customers?? BRAVO, Jim and Wayne, GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE! I will be back in the Spring for all our Landscaping needs (We've already begun talks about adding a deck and patio onto the back of our house) and we will be recommending Jim and Wayne and the entire staff  to all of our friends, neighbors and Family. What a happy ending to our story and yours, too. Call Jim today!!     


I inquired about a landscaping job when shopping last summer.  I left my home phone number and address and within a day or so I received a call back from Mr. Jim Kerr, owner of the business.  We set-up an appointment time and shortly thereafter Jim came to our home.  We discussed what I would like to see done with the front of our property and after a few days he was back with a plan as to what would look the best.  I signed a contract and in no time, maybe a couple of weeks or so, the crew arrived.  They were very professional and hard working.  In one day the job was completed much to my satisfaction.

I would recommend them to anyone looking for a prompt call back and professional service 100%.

Linda Lelie

Lambertville, NJ

In the spring of 2011, we hired Wayne to work on several projects on our property which included hardscaping, landscaping and clean-up of an overgrown, unsightly section of the backyard.  Wayne and his crew were prompt, professional, hardworking and communicative.  We appreciate the fact that Wayne always returned our phone calls, informed us of where we were on his schedule, and made adjustments to the original design in order to stay within our budget.  Their work was outstanding and we are happy with our beautiful backyard.

Pam Wanner and Todd Quackenbush

A sampling from clients and colleagues.

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